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Famatab, a new concept of tables Famatab, a new concept of tables

Famatab, a new concept of tables

Virtual simulator of Famatab tables

What is the virtual simulator of Famatab tables?

It is a software that will allow you to check all the fabric options and wood colours for your new Famatab table in a very realistic way.

This way you can choose the best combination of colours for your new table.

   Go to virtual simulator of Famatab Tables 

*Some models and fabrics are only shown to our retailers. To see them, you must be registered as a Fama retailer. If you don’t have your login details, please request them by phone or e-mail to your contact in the office, or via export@fama.es

Some of the current fabrics may not be shown in this virtual simulator; you can check the updated list of current/discontinued fabrics here

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There is a wide range of tables in the market that cover almost all the customer needs.  However, we decided to create a new line of coffee tables with our own design philosophy.
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A new concept of table

Basic and simple ideas that help us make customer's lives easier and more comfortable.


We round off the edges of all our tables making them a safe and ergonomic product.
A new concept of table